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Rama Is Non-Dual

Born on 22 October 1873 in a very poor family in a remote village—Murariwala (Punjab) now in Pakistan, Swami Rama Tirtha, previously known as Tirtha Rama, lived a life of 33 years on this phenomenal plane like a dazzling flash, spreading the glory of Truth—Non-duality—so much so as to make him claim: Rama makes only Rama, nothing more, nothing less.

Braving stark poverty, even missing meals for days together and living on three paise per day, he continued his studies, undeterred and unabated, to maintain his tradition of securing top position upto his last examination of M.A. course. Rejecting all worldly attractions, he chose to be a Sanyasin and lived as Vedanta Incarnate.

Intoxicated in the glory of Self-Realization, Rama travelled far and wide, without keeping a single paise with him and enchanted the people of Japan, U.S.A., Egypt and other nations, not so much by his learning but by feeling and throbbing as one with them. His oneness with All was his trait which prevailed all through.

Rama’s whole being is submerged in ‘OM’—Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, nothing without it or beyond it. The whole struggle, full of tribulations, which Rama had to face, brought out Reality in him and it was his joy to travel bare footed on snowy peaks of Himalayas or live in caves inhabited by fierce animals, including tigers and snakes.

Rama did so much in so little span of 33 years as was done by Adi Shankaracharya, Christ, Sant Gyaneshwar or Swami Vivekanand to quote a few. There can be no comparison, which is futile.

All are Rama, OM

Bhagwat Swarup
Hony. Secretary
Swami Rama Tirtha Pratisthan

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